My best albums 2012…

2012 is already far away… but 2 famous albums for this year :

1. Muse – the 2nd law – the guys are growing up and they’re becoming very good 

2. The Killers – Battles born – nice job but not they’re best album

I’m looking for some new fresh rock for 2013…



Summer early morning


Premier col de l’année


Ce matin en route pour le col de la forclaz au dessus de Martigny.

Lotus Traveler and iPhone agenda mark private

One of my manager dislikes the switch from blackberry to iphone because he couldn’t set his calendar entries as private.

Of course you should care about the issues of you VIP.

To manage this, I have done the following :

1. Add a view to his database which display the caldendar entries with a “#” in the subject.

2. Create an agent in a second database which monitor a list of mail databases every 5 minutes.

3. The agent process all the entries in the view and remove then from the view. Each document is mark as private…

The VIP has only to put a “#” in the description of the caldendar entry.

Simple but not perfect, there is a window of 5 minutes in which the document is not private… I haven’t found a better handler to manage it…

I could give you the database if you are interested.


Check if a OOO agent is activated on lotus notes databases…

This week I was asked to get all the activated out of office agent. I have activated the ooo agent on the server, so getting the info from the profile is not a solution.

If you launch your administrator client you could see that there is a column which indicates if the ooo is activated. This means that the property is set on the database file attribute.



Reading the web I found this post :

So you can write this in a simple function :

Public Function isOOO(db as notesdatabase) As Integer
                On Error Goto errorHandler        
                If < 379 Then
                        Call app.logError(“too old version 8.5x”)
                        Exit Function
                End If
                ‘ *** DBOPT_OUTOFOFFICEENABLED passed as a number to compile in R7 client
                If db.GetOption( 74 ) Then
                        isOOO = True
                        isOOO = False
                End If
                Exit Function
                Dim sMsg As String
                sMsg =   Typename(Me) + “-” + Error + “-” +Cstr(Err()) & ” at line number ” & Erl() &  ” ” & Lsi_info(12) & ” ” & Lsi_info(2)
                Call app.logErrorExt(sMsg, Nothing)        
End Function

Happy new year 2012

New year, new objectives…

Last year I have migrated my site to a wordpress database. This year a have rebuild my old site with the amazing Bootstrap from twitter ( ). Why this comeback ?

1. WordPress is time consuming to manage. When you have installed wordpress on your server, it will be time consuming to keep it up to date. This is not my priority to do some sys admin so I just prefer to have static page with a link on my blog on

2. Less well indexed… it’s seem to me that the whole stuff is less well indexed. We will see this year.

3. Harder to maintain static pages…

4. With bootstrap I can do my site very fast and I get more control on it.

And you what are your experience with wordpress ?

Greetings and happy new year.

xPages or not xPages

Are xPages a leading technologie ?

Obviously not. Of course Lotus has done a big effort to improve the gap between lotus notes and the today’s technologies, but they fail. The web has grown and they have choose the heavy choice of java and dojo.

What do you think ?

Coming next… dynamic class loading in lotusscript.,. stay tune !