Scheduled agents don’t run…

This small article explain what can cause that a scheduled agent doesn’t run. It happen to our team last week.

The first investigations were to tune the agent manager parameters. It was a very good review of the agent funtionality in lotus notes. I learn that,

1. there is no limit of the number of scheduled agents on a notes server, the limit are the perf of the hosting machine.

2. the mysterious agent was running fine when launch it with a manual command on the server console. (tell amgr run “database path” ‘agent name’)

3. the same mysterious agent was running fine on another database.

Finally, Fred found that there is a special setting on the database properties which unactivate the background agent… here the print screen.

Tell me if this tip save you some precious time!

See you soon for another trip in the mysteries of the Lotus notes plateforme.

database properties


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