How to change the creation date in lotus notes… $created

I have found in a forum this little trick.

Just add a field in the document named $Created, the document will show the date in this field for the formula @created in views… nice and useful !

/* Created date, if specified overrides UNID created date for @Created */
#define FIELD_CREATED “$Created”


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11 Responses to How to change the creation date in lotus notes… $created

  1. noj says:

    Not sure if the tip is helpful for my query, but is there any way you can change the date an email will be sent? For example, if today is January 30, can it be possible that when you send an email today it will reflect as sent on an earlier date (for example January 25) instead? Appreciate any tip.Thanks!

  2. Richard says:

    Maynbe try to Modify the posted date

  3. shobhan says:

    worked for me 🙂

  4. Brane says:

    Great tip thanks

  5. Tina Cortes says:

    How do I send an email but make it appear as though it was sent beforehand? example, I send an email today but date will reflect it was sent say in Feb.14?

  6. Pierre says:

    Did you tried to change the field PostedDate ?

  7. gaetan says:

    Hi folks.
    Not sure I understood. Could you please specify where to change the field PostedDate? Is it applicable to lotus 7? Do you write any script or you just modify some params: in both cases can you please add more details, it is quite important for a work issue of back-dated emails I received.

  8. neha says:

    Hi all,

    please tell me a clear procedure of how we can change the date in Lotus notes. Im in little trouble with my client..please help me..


  9. Hubidubi says:


    Do you have something similar resolution to modify last modification date of the document? We would like to migrate lotus notes documents and we want to save original creation and modification timestamps? Any solution appreciated.

  10. pierre says:

    Hello, in fact you can achieve it with C API, but I think the modify date is sensible because all the repliaction is based on this… you should mesure twice before cutting…

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