My favorite free apps under Windows…

Here my version 1.0 of my favorites windows applications… enjoy !

1. Development and source editing : Notespad ++

A powerfull text editor with multi-tab and add-on… try it, and rock your text editing…

2. JAVA IDE -> eclipse

The perfect JAVA editor and rich client plateform. It made me change my mind upon JAVA.

3. Image editing – the gimpShop

A free spin-off software from the Gimp… easier for time to time image editing.

4. Icon editing – free

This program is the perfect icon editor… great… and very useful.

5. PDF creator

Make your PC a real PDF engine… very good program, with command automation capabilities

6. Remote control – client and Server

If you don’t have windows XP pro or vista pro… you can install this to have a remote access on your machines… great stuff

7. FTP – client and server

The perfect FTP tool… could be easily integrated in a client or server solution.

8. Folder size

Something which seems missing in windows explorer… try it and stick to it…


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