Google Chrome : review

This week the biggest event was the beta of google chrome. Everyone was excited at the office with this big news !

So the war of the browser is taking a new dimension. As the CEO of Mizilla is saying, it’s a good thing that a new participant is coming in the race… the benefit is for all the users. For myself I have a big waiting of the new google’s cellular plateform : Android. This month HTC should release the first device with this brand new technology. So the war of the mobile phones is still going on with some new competitors… As we can see the tech world is shaken by google ! from my point of view I enjoy Google because they are making the things going further and this is good.

So, what about Chrome :

1. It’s amazing how fast it starts. Firefox is looking like a big and slow program in regards of that. So for that reason, I like it.

2. The design. It’s a pretty design, simple and performant. Firefox is looking a little bit more sad with it’s old fashion grey (like application in windows 3.1…)

3. The usability (end user) for day to day browsing, no problem, simple and fast. I like the url bar which is acting as a search engine. Brillant.Firefox is as good as Chrome for that.

4. The usability (web designer). Chrome seems to have some pretty nice tools for debugging and trapping javascript. Firefox is ready too with some excellent extension like firebug.

5. The speed : the javascript engine is amazing. It will put the google apps on steroïds. Firefox will follow and improve very soon its javascript engine. Concurrence is good !

6. Bookmark management : I don’t enjoy it, I prefer the firefox way.

7. Global impression : Google Chrome is an excellent product (it’s only a beta !!) and I will use it for my main browsing.

And what about IE in my review… IE, I don’t use this crap software.  So in conclusion, the best thing you should do is to have a look by yourself.

Greetings from Switzerland !


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