Action to populate a custom user signature…

One big week for “myLife 2.0”

This was a great week for my blog. I’m not a regular blogger (it takes so much times) but this week I was referenced on the famous… it has boosted my visits… that’s pretty cool.

eMail signature, 2 choices

What about the corporate signature. There is a lot of way to do it, since R7 you can customize it and manage it on the notes server… but if you want to allow your users to manage their signature this TIP is for you.

eMail signature, HTML or Text based ?

The next point is to know if you want a fancy and flashy HTML signature with pictures (hey, we’re living in the third millenium !). From my point of view, I prefer a text based signature, it’s simple, it works in all the case… so it’s profesionnal… the HTML is nice but it is impredictable to know how it will be seen on the user device (hey, users aren’t only reading their eMail on their computer…).

One dusty old script…

Going back my archives from the time when I was a full-time admin (one year ago) I found this little gems. So here one dusty old script from my archive… it was one of my first one I wrote when I began to administrate a domino domain.

The purpose of this script is to send a button to the users to let them edit their signature. This script composes a text user signature from the data in the nab (STEP 1, 2, 3). Then the script sends an eMail to the administrator to allow the tracking (STEP4) . Finally it presents the signature  to the user to allow to correct it. (STEP5)

You can put this script in a button (TEST it before and remove the steps you don’t need)

So, I hope it will help you to make your users happier !!!


@REM “-STEP1-Parameters—————————–” ;
srv := “yourServerName” ;
db := “names.nsf”;

@REM “-Retrieve the user data in the nab-” ;
Line := “————————————————————————–” ;
Nom := @Name([CN] ; @UserName) ;
eMail := @DbLookup ( “” : “NoCache”;srv:db;”($Users)”;@UserName;”InternetAddress”) ;
fct := @DbLookup ( “” : “NoCache”;srv:db;”($Users)”;@UserName;”????”) ;
tele := @DbLookup ( “” : “NoCache”;srv:db;”($Users)”;@UserName;”Phone”) ;

@REM “-STEP2-ADDRESS LINES ——————————–” ;
Adresse1 := @If(@IsError(fct);”Function : ” ;fct) ;
Adresse2 := “Your company NAME”  ;
Adresse3 := “City number” ;
Adresse4 := “Tel. ++41(0)27.7.661.” + @If(@IsError(tele);”” ;tele) ;
Adresse5 := “Fax. ++41(0)27.7.661.485” ;
Adresse6 := “EMail    : ”  + @If(@IsError(eMail);””;eMail) ;
Adresse7 := “Internet :” ;

@REM “-STEP3-Create the signature ——————————–” ;
Signature := @NewLine +  @NewLine + Line + @NewLine + Nom + @NewLine + Adresse1 + @NewLine + @NewLine + Adresse2 + @NewLine + Adresse3 + @NewLine + @NewLine + Adresse4 + @NewLine + Adresse5 + @NewLine +   @NewLine +  Adresse6 + @NewLine + Adresse7 + @NewLine +Line ;

@REM “-Set it to the user profile ——————————–” ;
@SetProfileField(“CalendarProfile” ; “EnableSignature” ; “1”) ;
@SetProfileField(“CalendarProfile” ; “SignatureOption” ; “1”) ;
@SetProfileField(“CalendarProfile” ; “Signature_1” ; Signature) ;

@REM “-STEP4-Send an eMail to the admin to check follow-up purpose, could be a mailing db ——————————–” ;
@MailSend( “pierre koerber” ; “” ; “” ; “Mise à jour signature ” + @Name([CN] ; @UserName) ; “” ; “”) ;

@REM “-STEP5-Display the dialog to the user, to edit purpose ——————————–” ;
Texte :=”In the next windows, you could check the signature that will be added in your eMails.” + + @Char(13) + @Char(13) + “Cliquez sur l’onglet signature et contrôlez :” + @Char(13) + “1. La fonction” + @Char(13) + “2. Le no de FAX” + @Char(13) + “3. L’adresse eMail” ;
@Prompt([Ok];”Validation” ; Texte) ;


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