My virtual Lab

To improve my skills and to move forward, I just start with late to move on with visualization.

My workstation is a Windows VISTA, I know that I’m already cataloged with a big dummy sticker on my back but you know, I’m open-minded !

So to work set up my stuff I choose VIRTUAL PC 2007… you know what, it’s free ! (I know that I have already pay it to microsoft with all the craps I’ve bought to them indirectly)

One bad point is that Virtual PC doesn’t seem to enjoy ubuntu… so I’m using it with windows XP.

First problem, not enough memory on my vista computer… I bought 2 gigas of memory to have 4 giga… and you know what, VISTA 32 bit version doesn’t manage more than 3 gig of memory… thanks microsfot !

Second problem, impossible to address the virtual host from my pc because I’m using a wireless card. I found a nice blog entry which help me to fix the issue, let’s share with you :

And now everything is up, no big waste of time, no money waste ! who doesn’t think our world isn’t perfect ?


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One Response to My virtual Lab

  1. Hi,
    try VirtualBox instead..

    The best is always VMWare, but VirtualBox is a good and free alternative.

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