Install the domino server java console

For me the java console is a lost gem for the notes administrators.

It is a good feature because it allows to administrate all your server from one single point. It will run the console separatly from your notes client, and this is good because the admin client sucks ! it give you more but that’s not the subject of this post.

This article allows you to configure your Windows server to make it run.

First you should modify the start of your server to make it load the domino controller and the java console.

Take “the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControllSet\Services” key and look for the Lotus Domino key.  In there you will find an entry called ImagePath.  The add to the service’s parameter the -c to load the domino controler and the -jc if you want to load the java console the machine.


After that your server should start as in this picture :


You could start the console from your notes client directory to have the same on you computer… nice isn’it.


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  1. briana says:

    yes i would like to know if i could get somemore imformation iam doing a project and i need to know thank you.

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