Easy lotusscript picklist class for your apps…

When creating your application it’s always painful to remember how to generate a picklist… here comes in play my class (which is part of my own private framework).

Which 3 lines of code, I’m doing a picklist… let me explain…

Dim pl As New DbPickList(Nothing)
Set docRet = pl.getSingleDocument()

The first line allows you to create the picklist object which contain the notesuiworkspace object. The class contains member functions to set every parameter of the original picklist function. Defaults values are set when instantiating the object. There is two basic function to display the picklist 1. getSingleDocument() which return a simple document and getMultipleDocuments() which give you the notesdocumentcollection. Give a look to the class, it’s easy.

Link to the lss file

First download the .lss file and put everything in a script library. Then you should add the use statement.
The class allows you to customize easily the picklist but it is more convenient than the ugly function from the notesUiworkspace… give it a try and enjoy.

One cool thing is to derivate the class and then create all the picklist you need in a new class, then you’ve got centralized your picklists in a central class which allows to simplify the maintenance cycle of your app.



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