Lotus script – GoogleMap localisation class

Hello, this simple class allows to display a google map from the lotus notes client ! There’s missing the Window’s API reference. Tell me if you want the lss file with all the references…

Greetings !

Class GoogleMapStreetUrl
Private sUrl As String
Private sStreet As String
Private sCity As String
Sub new()
End Sub
Public Function setStreet(psStreet As String) As Integer
sStreet = Replace(psStreet, ” “, “+”)
End Function
Public Function setCity(psCity As String) As Integer
sCity = Replace(psCity, ” “, “+”)
End Function
Public Function getUrl() As String
Dim sNewUrl As String
sNewUrl = Replace(sUrl, “%LOC%”,sCity)
sNewUrl = Replace(sNewUrl, “%STREET%”,sStreet)
getUrl = sNewUrl
End Function
Public Function open() As String
Dim url As String
url = Me.getUrl()
Call ShellExecute ( GetActiveWindow(), “open”, url, “”, “”, WIN_NORMAL)
End Function
End Class

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