xPages or not xPages

Are xPages a leading technologie ?

Obviously not. Of course Lotus has done a big effort to improve the gap between lotus notes and the today’s technologies, but they fail. The web has grown and they have choose the heavy choice of java and dojo.

What do you think ?

Coming next… dynamic class loading in lotusscript.,. stay tune !


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6 Responses to xPages or not xPages

  1. Paul Hannan says:

    Interesting. What’s your use case upon which you base your conclusions?

  2. Hello Paul,

    Here some facts :

    * bad intergration with existing notes design element. You can’t cut paste the content of a form in the xpage. You can’t expot the xpage in dxl. Poor suppprt of lotusscript.
    * hard to debug the xpage. If you don’t know the underlying technologie (in fact a big java framework) you will be facing a big log on the rendering of your page if you did one single mistake in one property box.
    * Dojo is not well integrated. You need the extension librairy to have some nice widgets.

    And so on… For me xpages are great but only to maintain existing apps but concerning creating a new one everyone is looking for other technology.

    And what are your feeling ?

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