Check if a OOO agent is activated on lotus notes databases…

This week I was asked to get all the activated out of office agent. I have activated the ooo agent on the server, so getting the info from the profile is not a solution.

If you launch your administrator client you could see that there is a column which indicates if the ooo is activated. This means that the property is set on the database file attribute.



Reading the web I found this post :

So you can write this in a simple function :

Public Function isOOO(db as notesdatabase) As Integer
                On Error Goto errorHandler        
                If < 379 Then
                        Call app.logError(“too old version 8.5x”)
                        Exit Function
                End If
                ‘ *** DBOPT_OUTOFOFFICEENABLED passed as a number to compile in R7 client
                If db.GetOption( 74 ) Then
                        isOOO = True
                        isOOO = False
                End If
                Exit Function
                Dim sMsg As String
                sMsg =   Typename(Me) + “-” + Error + “-” +Cstr(Err()) & ” at line number ” & Erl() &  ” ” & Lsi_info(12) & ” ” & Lsi_info(2)
                Call app.logErrorExt(sMsg, Nothing)        
End Function


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