How to execute Visual Basic from JAVA ? – part 1

I’m facing a common programming problem. I’m on my windows machine and I have a software package which run fine form my needs but it is not available in JAVA… how to integrate it in my JAVA program ?

First there is connectors to run activeX of other microsoft tech from JAVA, my way is to use directly VB from JAVA with a shell command.

Everyone know that there is a visual basic embedded in microsoft office. So the strategy is to launch a word to make the VB code run…

To launch word, here the easy way :

String sCmd ;
sCmd = “notepad ” + “c:\\temp\\test.txt” ;
try {
} catch (IOException e) {

In our next article we will see how to start VB… greetings.


Diary of my switch to ubuntu 8.10…

Remember last year post :

After giving up because facing some wireless troubles, I did it again… The fact is that after one year of moderate use, my old laptop was completely unusable. WinXp was so slow, I read a lot of articles of how to boost an XP system but, what a big job and you know I haven’t so much time. I’m using an old Dell Inspirion 9200, with hh 60 gigas and 700 of RAM.

I burned the 8.10 version on a CD and went on to the installation.

The installation process went perfectly. After that I should connected my laptop to internet with the internal network car. After that ubuntu proposed me to upgrade the installation. After a reboot (like in the windows world) the system has auto-detected my internal wireless card and proposed to me the right native driver. (what a luck). I was beginning to try to install the NDIS Wrapper… but how lucky to bypass this challenge.

After installing the must-have application, I have a brand new laptop… the feeling is that the hardware is responding like a brand new PC. The interface is pretty good, and it’s really a pleasure to work with ubuntu. If like me you have an old laptop, you should try to make it young again with ubuntu.

My test is superficial, for the moment I haven’t done serious use of open-office product and so on… but we will see.

Greetings !

Optimize or not optimize your program ?

Should we optimize our programs ?

Of course it is the goal of clever programming, but there is time where it is not useful, particullary when the code will become harder to maintain.

What the goal of a modern programmer ?

One goal of programming today is to focus on the higher part of the cost of softwares. This is clearly the maintaining part which should be keep to the minimal.