Happy new year 2012

New year, new objectives…

Last year I have migrated my site to a wordpress database. This year a have rebuild my old site with the amazing Bootstrap from twitter (http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/ ). Why this comeback ?

1. WordPress is time consuming to manage. When you have installed wordpress on your server, it will be time consuming to keep it up to date. This is not my priority to do some sys admin so I just prefer to have static page with a link on my blog on wordpress.com.

2. Less well indexed… it’s seem to me that the whole stuff is less well indexed. We will see this year.

3. Harder to maintain static pages…

4. With bootstrap I can do my site very fast and I get more control on it.

And you what are your experience with wordpress ?

Greetings and happy new year.


My iPad and me !

Already one month that I’ve got my iPad… and I don’t know how I have lived before it. I’m a

computer professional and I’m not afraid of a computer. So when Steve announced the iPad I felt a
little bit frustrated because I was wondering what will be the use of this big iPhone.

This tool is very cool and I want it to surf the web.

The cons

1. Don’t use it for writing

I’m a french speaker. So when you want to do special french characters it will takes you hour to
write something. It ‘s adapted to write short text and commands. It’s a little bit hard to
navigate in a big text in an edition mode.

2. You need a computer

Without a computer, you could do fast nothing. At the first start up iPad claims to be connected. One
big part of the iPad miracle is all the pre-processing done on your computer.
I tried to do some RDP… it not very conftable. You need a computer to upgrade the system

3. Wellcome in the Apple world

You are in the club… but hard to go out the fence. Everything is locked down by default. You
can unlock it but it’s your responsability.

4. Apple store… give me you money.

The apple store is a cash machine… for apple. You’re sollicited to pay for everything on the
iPad and sometimes it’s not for the goods. Apple has succedded in the micro-payment strategy.
Nothing is very

5. Keep it synch

The synch process it a little bit slow (I’m working under windows)

The pros…

1. It’s amazing to surf with your finger

It’s a pretty cool experience to go and conquer the web with your finger. The zoom is so easy and
it’s too cool to click anywhere.

2. Just open it and your surfing

Before that when you need to go on the we if you’re not on your computer it takes you time to do
it. Now just click, the iPad is ready and go… no wait !

3. Application on one click !

The same for the application. No wait… everything is fast… it

4. And it goes on, goes on…

The battery is very cool and it is serious… you can “work” for 10 hours. I understand why there
is no USB and Webcam and other battery consumer… the iPad is optimized and you can feel it !

5. The perfect tool for non-geek…

My little boy and my wife are what we can call technically, non-geek person… and you know what,
they feel confortable with the iPad. This is the perfect demonstration.

6. And too cool the appStore…

Here it’s like when going to the … you can find everything but nothing. A lot of stuff but

Conclusion… I think that Apple has done a kind of miracle. When I’m facing my computer screen
which is very big… I often wonder to do it with my fingers… The iPad has open a new area in
the computer world. Now the computer won’t be personnal again.

Oops, well it’s seems that I’m dead…

Just found on the web this link…


Format your lotusscript, but not on WordPress…

In a previous post I told you about the possibility to format your lotusscript on the WEB… I found a running version of the lotus notes database on the WEB… it works like a charm.

Here the link :


My problem is that I couldn’t insert the generated code directly on my WordPress blog… so no nice formatted lotusscript for the moment, I keep on fighting against the tech…

See you.


Diary of my switch to kubuntu…

Here some facts about my switch to kubuntu… I’m not a beginner with linux, I have already have a try on this in 2001. It was very interesting but it takes me times. Days are so short so I gave up.

0. Leaving windows…

Windows XP is not so bad, but my laptop began to be so slow after 3 years. So I decide to reinstall it.

The decision to switch to Kubuntu is in fact a switch in my mind to face my laziness to fight against my bad old habits. So, after facing this fact, I decided to switch my laptop from Windows XP to Kubuntu… this small article will describe my way to my escape of windows.

1. The installation… everything went right.

It is very amazing the progress that the setup of linux has done… it was very easy to install the kubuntu on my 3 years old Dell Inspirion laptop. I was very exciting to have one big try of kubuntu… I was happy to give some fresh air to my old hardware with a true operating system.

2. The DVD support.

First surprise : let’s go to finish the tuning of my machine with a little DVD playing in the background… just launch the multi-media player… and damne, facing the first surprise. It didn’t run… I search the Internet to find some magic commands to make it run. It wasn’t a serious issue, but first disapointment.

Here the links : were I found the “hack” to make my DVD running


2. I was very exciting to make run Eclipse on Kubuntu… In fact after installing all the java stuff, Eclipse didn’t want to start, it put an ugly java error. Very disapointing.

3. The network, it ran like a charm, just plug the wire in the network interface… but what about the wireless… I began to install NDISWrapper, tried to put my windows driver to make it run without success. It didn’t matter, I would do it later.

4. Surfing under linux. I tried to surf with firefox. Firefox is not rendering like under windows. The fonts aren’t very precise on the screen. The nightmare continues everytime I face a pluggin installation… command line and so one… very stressful.

4. After one week on Kubuntu here my conclusion :

The interface (KDE 3.5) is cool. The display is cool.

The boot is very fast.

The rest is very difficult for a profane. You should have some knowledges to manage your system and you should have time to understand the underlaying concepts of this new OS. For me it wasn’t possible to deal with that… no time for administring my laptop for hours. It took me one sunday to try to have a one for one equivalent under linux, without success. I understand that Linux isn’t ready for the retail market… too complex. The good news is that kubuntu is much better than the suse linux I tried some years ago… but it isn’t mature for day to day work.

After one week-end of installation and one week under linux, I resigned. I took my windows XP setup and bring back my laptop to its old configuration. First surprise it took me only 30 minutes to finish the installation with the installation of my favorite applications and pluggins in firefox. Windows XP is not so bad… I’m still a linux believer, but not now… it should improve a lot before it will be possible to make it run in the hand of Mr Smith.

Tell me more about your tries with Linux…

Greetings !

Stucked with a Page 404 idea ? here the link…

The link of the day is a great collection of 404 page…

You will probably find your happiness on this nice web site.

See you soon and keep’on blogging.



Le temps …

Le temps passe et nous écrase parfois comme un rouleau compresseur… prendre un peu de recul et s’élever au-dessus du quotidien, voilà qui est salutaire.

Comme dit le poète :

Les minutes, mortel folâtre, sont des gangues
Qu’il ne faut pas lâcher sans en extraire l’or!

Une prime à qui me sort, sans google, la référence !