My best albums 2012…

2012 is already far away… but 2 famous albums for this year :

1. Muse – the 2nd law – the guys are growing up and they’re becoming very good 

2. The Killers – Battles born – nice job but not they’re best album

I’m looking for some new fresh rock for 2013…



Premier col de l’année


Ce matin en route pour le col de la forclaz au dessus de Martigny.

Installing ubuntu on my Hp Pavilion Dm3

Ok, I gave up windows 7 and install Ubuntu on my HP pavilion dm3.

Here the steps :

1. create the usb stick with the 64 bits version of ubuntu

2. tweak the system with this check list

3. install LAMP on the system

After that, start to have fun !

4. Add an openTerminal in Nautilus


Ubuntu and create link between directory

Here few ways to create link

  1. Nautilus. Simply navigate to the containter of the directory you want to link, right click on that directory and “Create Link”. This will place a link to your dir exactly where you are. Now take the link (cut: CTRL+X) and paste (CTRL+V) it on the desktop;
  2. Mouse. Drag the folder to the Desktop using the middle mouse button. A small window will open: select “Link here”;
  3. Terminalln -s /path/directory ~/Desktop/Name
  4. Right click on the Desktop and choose “create launcher”. In the “command” field write “nautilus /path/directory” without the quotes
> ln -s /var/www /home/pierre/www
this sample to access directly the web server directory…

My AcerOne and ubuntu remix 9.10

In 2008 I bought an Acer one with linux. The distro was linpus (a kind of Fedora simplified distro). I like the look and feel of the AcerOne but I could feel the limitation of the system early, so I began to hack linpus to customize the system.

After a while I stopped to play with the acerOne, too painful to use. The weakness of the system where :

1. The battery was too weak

2. The sound is not good enough.

3. Linpus is perfect for a end-user use but too tight for a kind of hacker like me.

At the end of 2009 I resinstalled the AcerOne with Ubuntu Remix, and what a surprise ! this os really rocks ! it is stable and faster than the original linpus. I can do anything and the interface is very easy to use ! With this system I can learn softly to become an ubuntu fan. I also replaced the original battery and now I can use my netbook for almost 10 hours ! this is pretty useful.

Two facts :

1. With a good battery, netbook are very perfect tools.

2. Ubuntu remix is one of the best os for netbook for the moment. I haven’t use Windows 7 on a netbook, but I’m pretty sure they only take the standard OS on the netbook, ubunut remix is an optimized OS for the netbook and this is the difference.

Tell me about your experiences ! and greetings.

Stucked with a Page 404 idea ? here the link…

The link of the day is a great collection of 404 page…

You will probably find your happiness on this nice web site.

See you soon and keep’on blogging.